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We have moved to the SW corner of Dolores at 5th!

If you have any questions about our classes, our studio, or Pilates, please contact us. We'd like to hear from you.

HBK, located in downtown Carmel, is a peaceful and private studio with state of the art equipment, and a knowledgeable and friendly staff. The first Pilates and Gyrotonic® studio on the peninsula, HBK is dedicated to the art and science of physical conditioning.

Harmony Body Kinetics
Pilates Studio Carmel
P. O. Box 148, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Phone: 831-624-2968
Email: info@pilatespro.com


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P.O. Box 148, Pebble Beach, CA 93953 Phone: 831.624.2968 Email: info@pilatespro.com