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Pilates Education at Boost Pilates Fitness


The Pilates Education at Boost Pilates Fitness is a comprehensive training program using the exercises originally developed by Joseph Pilates. Pilates extensionOur program is for people interested in learning an integrative approach to physical conditioning and corrective therapeutic exercise. Our training prepares you for the PMA Certification Examination.

There are many approaches to the Pilates Method, and many teacher training options available. However, our focus is on intelligent, intuitive instruction, creating depth and process. We teach teachers to teach, not just move part A and B, but to see the whole picture and design programs around function and optimal movement for the client.

The comprehensive training is a 450 hour learning process including 120 hours in course work, 80 hours of practice teaching, and an additional 250 hours of practice, observations and supervised teaching. We are committed to providing the best learning experience and creating outstanding teachers!

We offer two Pilatespro Teacher Training programs: Comprehensive Mat Training and Comprehensive (Mat and Equipment) Training.  Each Teacher Training Program has its own prerequisites, required courses and final exam. Certificates of completion are awarded when all requirements are met.



Comprehensive Mat Training

Prerequisites:          Anatomy review and exam - Minimum 15 Pilates Mat classes

Course includes:

  • Comprehensive Mat Exercises
  • Essential Exercises
  • Props, tools, modifications, & progressions
  • Effective strategies for teaching

Additional requirements:         
25 hours of mat work self practice and 10 hours mat work teaching, 25 hours mat observation.

Materials:               All Manuals are purchased separately:
Essential Exercises Manual $25.00 
Balanced Body Mat Manual $59.95

Final Exam:            You must complete a written and practical exam.

Course Fee:             $1050


Comprehensive Teacher Training (mat and apparatus)

Required--a minimum of 10 hours Pilates equipment sessions prior to training.
Recommended--20 hours Pilates self practice and sports/dance background.

Course includes:    

  • Movement Anatomy
  • Essential Fundamentals
  • Assessment
  • Reformer Module I
  • Reformer Module II
  • Cadillac Module I
  • Cadillac Module II
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Teaching Strategies


Additional Requirements:                
You must complete 80 hours of personal observation, 80 hours of personal practice, and 120 hours of student teaching.  

                               All hours must be logged and submitted prior to taking final exam.



Balanced Body Mat Manual (from Mat certification) $59.95
Balanced Body Reformer $74.95
Balanced Body Trapeze Table $74.95
Balanced Body Chair $59.95
Balanced Body Barrels $49.95
Teaching Essentials $25.00


Final Exam:            You must take a written and practical final exam.


Course Fee:           $4300

                               $4000 (with prior Pilates Mat certification)


Contact Boost Pilates Fitness for registration:  info@pilatespro.com  (831) 594-5224